There are overwhelming dating apps now available for all classes of people

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I was reading a newspaper article that stated that the statistics of mature people living with HIV & STD in the UK, (where I live) now surpasses those of young adults. And the shocking part is that more and more are getting diagnosed every day.

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease).

The newspaper stated that within the age range of 35–49 years are the highest with a whopping 42.4% are HIV positive while those within the age range of 50–64…


It is natural to feel depressed or anxious at this time, these tips could help

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There is no doubt that the impact of Pandemic has affected more people mental health than the actual virus itself. I am one of such. I have been working from home since last year May, and the whole UK, is on total lockdown means social outing of any kind is restricted. I am not that much a social type of person, nevertheless, I do feel the fact of not being able to just go out whenever I like is curtailing.

Then, there is the issue of growing my online business to make it sustainable. There are ongoing bills to pay…


I want to break free from your lies

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When I met you
I believe in you
I believe your story
I bathe in your glory

I thought the world of you
I believe you were different
But soon the cracks reveal itself
Your insincerity is a misdemeanour

You’ve always lived a life of pretence
When you aren’t sincere, you need to pretend
I have trouble listening to adults……….
Who do not really mean what they say

Now I want to break free
There’s no need for blind loyalty
The tide has begun to ebb
It's my duty to free myself

‘’Friendships are like shoes, not all will fit…

I will not compare this, Debesh. Writing builds up a good skill, apart from the earning aspect. Gambling is actually not advisable in the long run, because of the inherent addictive nature.

Happiness, like success means different thing to different people. But one thing is sure, a healthy mind is able to radiate joy easily.

Absolutely, who will not be upset? My annoyance is more with the African leaders still in a stupor, totally blind to the propaganda, and doing nothing to improve their countries with the vast rich resources that the continents have been blessed with.

This is what I keep saying to people. No two persons are alike. We are all unique, with our own individual journey,

Lanu Pitan

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email:

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