WOW, Let me give some explanation here:

  1. I suggested at least once a week, only if you cannot put up with everyday rituals of cooking, cooling and reheating to eat.
  2. It should work for all carbs, Suzanne V. Tanner. The only problem should be your own taste. I do it for Jollof and fried rice, which is like risotto in a way, and it is fine.
  3. There should not be a problem with arborio rice. Just know that whatever you are cooking and cooling to reheat should not be soggy or too soft. I don’t use a microwave oven, so I normally reheat in a pot with a minimal amount of water.
  4. I actually mentioned in the article that basmati has the lowest level of arsenic of all the rice. Jasmine rice is long-grain rice that is scented with jasmine oil. So it should not be a problem.
  5. The essence of resistant starch is fermentation to provide gut-friendly bacteria while reducing glucose level. For bread, the flour can be fermented before baking, so it gives you sourdough bread.

Thank you. I am happy to give a further explanation in case you need it.

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