The World Is A Great School For Humanity

One day, the school of humanity on earth will end, then man must prove that he has developed aright the abilities which God bestowed upon him

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When people ask what is the purpose of our life here on earth, live,

struggle, enjoy and eventually die? Some take this as a sheer waste of time. We often hear this when someone seemingly important dies ‘’Oh what a waste of life.’’

Another issue is that we all die anyway. Old, young, babies, toddlers, teens etc. Indeed death can come to anyone at any time anywhere, whether one is healthy or not, as death can come via accidents, even to seemingly healthy persons. It seems we cannot escape it when death knocks on our door. We have no choice but answer that call.

Despite the certainty of death, few of us are actually prepared for it, or even ready to die at all. Why is this?

Immortality Of The Soul

This is because ‘’Eternity He Has Put In Their Hearts.’’ We are actually made to live forever unless we choose not to.

Although most psychiatrists do infer that our beliefs in an afterlife are delusional, and a way to counter the fear of death.

In fact what we know as death is only a transition from one plane to another, from one consciousness to another. The issue is that we cannot live in those other planes with our physical bodies, so we have to shed it, and take on an appropriate one for those planes.

I say planes deliberately because remember, ‘’In My Father’s House, There Are Many Mansions’’. There are indeed many mansions of different planes of existence.

The Purpose Of Earthly Existence

The main purpose of life on earth is to develop to that stage of consciousness which is decisive for admittance to one of those higher planes. The stage of spiritual consciousness of a person determines the particular planes the person goes to, as each plane is different from another. We as humanity are invited, but the choice is still ours, whether we want it or not.

It is on earth that we learn the necessary virtues we need to live in those spiritual planes above. This is because it is on earth that we have evil and good co-exist. We as individuals must be willing to choose the right path and must be willing to do the good always. We must learn the truth, and be willing to live it in our entire lives. What then is the truth, and how do we live it?

Truth Is Eternal

During the trial of Jesus before the crucifixion, Pilate asked him, ‘’What is Truth?’’ And in His words, He said, ‘’This means eternal life, by taking in the knowledge of you, the only true God, and the one you sent forth.’’

Truth is eternal and unchangeable. It remains ever the same and is recognisable to us in the Laws of Creation, including the laws of Nature, which are equally unchangeable.

The recognition of these laws leads naturally to devotion to God, simply because these laws express the Holy Will of God.

Humanity Is Not Left Without Help

In order to help mankind in his ascent, teachers were sent along each region to show what truth is, and the direction to it. The greatest task of man is to recognise, obey and live this truth, such that if we adjust ourselves to the laws of God we fare well or vice versa.

There were teachers like Hjalfdar, Moses, the Prophets, Lao-Tse, Krishna, Buddha and Mohammed, sent to different regions on earth to prepare men for the higher planes above.

These men lovingly and dutifully performed their task, taught people how to live according to the Will of God.

Spirituality transcends religion

What has, therefore, become the original teaching from God, as explained over the years by these teachers of men? Unfortunately, the teaching has been greatly distorted, misinterpreted, adulterated and misused. Only isolated grains of truth are still to be found among confusing, rigid dogmas.

The Symbols Of Past Era Still Preserved

The Lotus Flower For Buddhism — the opening flower points men to strive for purity and a firm connection with the stream of life. Hence the lotus flower is naturally rooted in the bed of flowing water.

The Crescent Moon Of Mohammed — was formed when he had a vision of a gracious supra earthly picture, the Queen of Heaven (not Mary, the mother of Jesus), standing on a crescent moon. He found Islam, linked with the obligation to honour women at all times and to support them in their high task, of the nobility of the soul, which they have to fulfil in service to The Most High God.

Judaism Has The Star Of David — as the sacred symbols of belief. It consists of two triangles, one inside the other, one with its apex upward, and the other with its apex downward. The two triangles symbolise the inseparable connection between the visible and the invisible world.

Christianity Uses The Cross Of Suffering Of Christ, which will be transformed into Sword of Justice through the lengthening of the lower arm of the Grail Cross.

All these teaching were originally pure, but have since been distorted over a course of years. Men have misinterpreted for their own selfish ends, otherwise, they would all still point to the main Temple of Truth from God.

Today, the religions which people teach are full of contradictions, of conflicting creeds and dogmas, so that different faith fight each other, and no uniformity in striving for THE TRUTH.

It is not enough for all to acknowledge one God. They must also be recognise THE TRUTH which God has anchored in the Laws of Creation. This demands an objective assessment of one’s dogmas, and the courage to make the correction.

One then becomes a spiritual person, rather than a religious one.

The Touchstone Of Truth

The guidance from God is being fought by the power of darkness, hence you find distortion and contradiction.

Whenever you find intolerance and hatred or even see hostility, harm and agitation against others of different beliefs, then the teaching has been falsified and not from God. Such serve darkness and self, and not Light.

Cycle of Reincarnation

The school of life for humanity continues in each earth life. A soul builds up from where he left off. Each earth life is carefully selected for an individual depending on what one is to learn.

Experiencing is a great tool for us to learn, and which makes a lasting impression on us. Rightly said, experience is the best teacher.

Until finally the voyager will arrive at the shore (at last) to give account. What have you learnt in your school of life up till now? Are you a person of rigid religious dogma, or spiritually alive, conscious of the laws of God as anchored in Creation?

Again you choose where you want to be. Having that choice and being able to exercise it, is what makes us human after all.

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email:

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