Does God really exist? I could not get over my astonishment about the views expressed by people.

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I was in listening to a discussion on the TLB radio, about other people opinion on the existence of God. Scientists, Religious leaders, psychologists and atheists all expressing their opinion. They all sounded convincing of their individual opinion.

It gave me an opportunity to appraise my own opinion if I was asked the same question. What would I have said, in case I wanted to join the discussion? Whose idea can I hold on to as having an impression on me of all the great thinkers of the world? An idea so great, but not necessarily religious. I can only think of GOETHE, whose inexhaustible wealth of ideas embraces all levels of life.

‘’God could cause us considerable embarrassment by revealing all the secrets of nature to us, we should not know what to do for sheer of apathy and boredom.’’

What Goethe was saying here is that some issues are just beyond our understanding. And one of such is the ‘’seeing and having full knowledge of’’ God. So literarily, we humans are INCAPABLE of seeing God as our nature is not capable to fully understand God because we are of a different species to that of God, but we have the gift of recognising and experiencing God in His works, i. e. nature.

Man Is A Part Of Creation

We, humans, are part of the larger creation and have a spiritual identity. Through various experiences that life provides, we either increase or decrease our spirituality. It is through our spirituality that we recognise God. Consider the time we are overwhelmed by a sense of awe, a sense of total unworthiness and the sense of beauty despite the limitation of the physical body. All that is good and beautiful in mankind is God within, and all we have to do is to recognise that presence at times and in all circumstances, to be aware of its power and strength.

‘’May your struggle keep you near the cross.

May your troubles show that you need God.

May your battles end the way they should.

May your bad days prove that God is good.

May your whole life prove that God is good.

Let your whole life prove that God is good.’’ House of TMS

What do we say about our sadness, suffering and life unpleasantness, do we say God is present in all these? Spiritual law is that we need NOT suffer at all. If we do it is with the understanding that we are not suffering unnecessarily, we can minimise the unpleasantness by accepting that this is what we have to pass through as part of our growth and enlightenment.

It is important also not to resist the sacrifices life demands from us, but obey as the opportunities related to our special purpose, our life lesson. We also must know that our spirit has a reservoir of power to draw from, far greater power than we ever know. Hence life will not demand more from us than we can bear.

What about the ugliness we encounter? This does not negate the love of The Almighty, but rather the purity of HIS LOVE has been smeared with dirt, the greed of man, selfishness of the lower man. It is in this situation and because of our understanding that we increase our capacity to help all the more.

God The Eternal And Unchangeable One

Funnily enough, God working IN us does not depend on our conscious participation. This simply means, we have a choice all the time how we treat what comes to us, as life constantly provides us with experiences. We can look objectively at such experiences or be overwhelmed and keep complaining. Our attitude determines what we get, the brightness and joy resulting thereof, or they will be hidden from us.

Every time we make a positive contribution to others and the world, we increase the capacity to receive more power, although we might not be conscious of this power. That God’s power is an authority that can transcend anything that life can offer because life is subservient to it. Every aspect of our needs, every experience through which we passed through is understood.

‘’God gives strong feet for stony path’’

God is that warm, loving constant LIGHT, a flame of endurance which perhaps contracts when life gets tough, but never goes out. And when we acknowledge His supremacy, we enlarge and infuse it into the whole of our being, and can only attract the situations that are not to defeat us but appear to show us the magnificent and efficacy of God.

Every time we falter, every time we feel life is shutting out our inner joy, we are confident to know it is only the night before the day. Just as surely as the day follows night, this too will pass. Nothing has changed. We cannot lose what we already have. We can only add, and every time we try, and every time we reach out, we are increasing that power within us.

God, then, for us is everything.

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email:

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