The Power Of Thought Forms

Keep the fountain of your thoughts pure and strive to acquire the great power that silence lends

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If a thought suddenly flips through your mind, what do you do with it? Do you broadcast it, write it down or discard it? Thoughts forms are prevalent in the atmosphere, and they come from all sides, the good, the bad and the ugly. The pressure and condensation give the thoughts magnetic power, such that it attracts and absorbs all weaker analogous thoughts. The reinforcement remodels the thoughts so that when it comes to maturity, it usually differs from the original. This means that our thoughts are NEVER independent, but under some influences within the atmosphere.

I am talking about genuine spiritual impression, not the fleeting and transient thoughts which are products of a confused mind. We need then to ensure we are not involved in confused, shallow thoughts or nebulous babbling that fritter away precious time given to us here on earth for worthwhile activities.

What happens if we do? Our brain will degenerate into a playground for undesirable alien influences, which of course will have an effect on our surroundings.

We Are All Involved In The Creation

Whether we want to accept it or not, we are all part of the whole and are contributing elements in what is going on in the world. This is because maturity and perfection are attained by combination and fusion of individual thought-forms. This might be difficult to explain, but let me give an example here.

The coronavirus epidemic going on in the world now is very serious. What is your thought about it? Let’s say you wish that the Chinese suffer for whatever you believe they have done wrong. By this thought, you are sending out bad thought regarding the Chinese and this virus. There are others over the world, wherever they may be in the Universe with the same thought like you, these thoughts then converge and amalgamate together, growing stronger and stronger, they then penetrate the Chinese and influence their surrounding in China. This will determine the outcome of the results. Same for good thoughts.

The human being sends out rays of thoughts, which can either be pleasant or unpleasant, attractive or repulsive, as the case may be.

All That Is Spiritual Act Like A Magnet

All that is also stronger influences, dominates, absorbs and attracts the weaker because he becomes DEPENDENT on it. So those who are indolent in spirit, and believes or accepts whatever they are told without further scrutiny, contributes negatively to this power, and are as guilty of what happens as the person who cast the first stone. Remember they need not know each other and might be miles apart in different continents. That’s the power of thought.

An Injustice In The Operation Of The Divine Law? — Never

This might be scary for some spiritual people and rebuff by others not so spiritual. ‘’How on earth can I be guilty of a deed done by someone I don’t even know and lives far away from me?’’ they asked.

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A person can protect himself/herself by only ‘’willing’’ what is right, take control of your thoughts, and send out only positive and pleasant thoughts. Remember only similar thoughts attracts, condensed and form a more powerful one before they mature to take effect.

Birds of the same feather flock together. Drinkers will attract drinkers, smokers will empathise with smokers. The same will be the same gossips, gamblers etc. Likewise, noble characters will join with each other to further their high-minded aims.

So in a way, we make our destiny if we focus on the positive, we can make things happen. This is by clinging to our useful and positive thoughts, to concentrate and thus give it more power. Every action, every movement is only an act of volition. The body is just a tool for the spiritual to animate. Indeed all matter is the result of the spiritual life such that our earthly conditions automatically adapts to the surrounding spiritual life. This wise and merciful provision enables mankind to shape its surrounding at will by the Divine Power which permeates Creation. Some thinkers call it THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Happy is the man/woman who uses this for good, and woe unto him who allows himself to be tempted to misuse it. That means the free will given to us can be used as we desire, for good thoughts or bad ones, and thus guide the heavenly power to a good or bad purpose. However, the retributive law of justice, which is unalterable, eternal, unchangeable and incorruptible is severe and just.

Your work is awaiting you, and you must give an account. True life is spiritual. It knows neither time nor space, thus knows no intermission, and is beyond the understanding of man/woman.

To the man/woman who is awake, he/she is guided by THE GREAT LOVE that wills all good and forms a protective power, the attribute of quality of goodwill is bred and nourished by the power that lies in silence.

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email:

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