The Great Teaching That Permeates The Whole Creation

There would now have been only one uniform teaching here on earth, issuing from the Will of God.

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All TRUTH bringers were sent down to disseminate The Eternal Truth of God and His whole creation to mankind. But unfortunately, some people began to quibble about it, dragging it down to their level, and distorting it, until the truth has become falsehood.

In the course of thousands of years, men still cannot receive the whole truth as willed by God up till today. They had distorted everything that was intended to help them. They had blindly adapted those truths to their human way of thinking and their earthly desires. All teachings that have come to earth in the past would have been united to form a single flight of steps, to the pedestal on which The Truth is to stand, as it has often been proclaimed to mankind in various promises.

There would have been no difference in the interpretation, and much fewer differences in the teaching themselves. For all teachings were at one time willed by God precisely adapted to the individual peoples and countries, and formed in complete accord with their actual spiritual maturity and receptivity.

The distortion made mankind lost not only the true knowledge of God but also faith in his ability for greater heights. Infinite power lies in men, which he still does not make use of, nor aware of.

In not wanting to accept this knowledge, some have built dams and walls in their hearts against THE TRUTH. Such people, unfortunately, cannot be helped unless he first clears away what he has built. There is where suffering might be beneficial.

On Labour And Work

A person who lives according to the Will of God loves his work. It helps and serves him, earning him respect as a responsible individual. Only the sluggish and indolent does not value work, and such will not receive its blessing either.

He who does not sow shall not reap also. That means he who would like to obtain something shall strive for it. Striving for it, however, does not mean impetuously rushing at it, wanting to force along with the fulfilment of the wish at all costs.

When will the wish be fulfilled? When the harvest is ripe and this depends on God’s TIMING. When a man has done his part, he must wait for the cycle to complete. He must watch, and miss nothing, but also he must beware of enforcing the deed before it has ripened. Exactly at the hour decreed by God, he may then receive what he has earned through his deeds.

Do not forget that this small visible world which is given to you is but an infinitesimal part of that great invisible world which you can only divine. Remember that each step of yours leads through the invisible world, and take it in such a way that you can pass.

It is no good trying to open the bud in order to get the flower to unfold sooner.

It Takes More To Learn From Experience

It takes more love to let people follow a wrong course first than to forcibly put them on to the right one. Do not think that, if a person makes a mistake, it is your duty to point it out to him, so that he will avoid it.

If the mistake causes great dangers to others it may be your duty. Otherwise, it is better to let the person do something wrong and learn from the consequence of his deed. What he learns this way remains with him longer.

‘’Experience then will become the best teacher, and the worst experience teaches the best lessons’’ Pinterest.

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