The False Teaching Of A God Who Forgives All, Tends To Perpetrate Sin

The love of God is greatly misunderstood, distorted and disfigured

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According to most religious teachings, we have all sinned, and fall short in one way or the other. And it takes the love of God for humanity to forgive and cleanse us. Towards the end, most churches have services and prayers for penitent sinners.

I am aware that the Catholic Faith has ‘’Confession Service’’ where confession is made to the priests, who prayed along with the sinner (member) and pronounced forgiveness. This is believed to eradicate those particular sins that have been confessed to the priests.

I am also aware that the Muslim Religion has some special prayers, for instance, if you commit adultery, or kill, steal etc. There are some prayers that you can make that cancels the debt for you.

I do not know what other religions made of the penitent sinners’ forgiveness, but I am sure there is forgiveness for penitence sinners as well. After all, God is all love and all-forgiving, most religions preached and believed.

The Healed Are Still Sick

We all know that those who go to confession soon forget about their sins, and continue to live normally as if those sins no longer exist. That is what they are taught to believe if they ‘’have faith in God, who is able to forgive sins.’’

The confession ceremony atones for their sins. So they go every week. It is a vicious cycle, sin, go to confession, pray, be sober (at least while with the priest), obtain forgiveness. But unfortunately, the sin increases daily, literally, because man has found an easy way to penitence.

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This lie is what we see in individuals who are religious, per see, but whose attitude proves otherwise. And we see these people everywhere, who use religion to deceive others, and or cover their bad behaviour.

It is a case of the healed, who is still sick.

The few who still believe in the truth, and understand forgiveness, wonder how long this sort of deceit will continue. Hence,

‘’And because of the increase of wickedness on earth, the love of many will grow cold.’’ Matthew24:12

The Law Of Love

These people need not despair because God is all love, who has bathed the whole creation in love. He also sustains the Universe with His laws. The laws are perfect, eternal and unchangeable. And it is no respecter of person, nor ignorance is an excuse for them.

God’s love is closely linked to justice, indeed they are one, and cannot be separated from each other. The teaching that man should murmur prayers to cleanse himself from sins, and continue it them, is intellectual, aimed by the devil to lure men into destruction. This is accepted by mankind because of their love of ease and indolence of the spirit.

These religious places want men allegiance to them rather than to GOD. God demands obedience, people who will do the right, understand creation law, and adhere themselves to it.

Religious empires, therefore, separate people from God.

Genuine Love Is Guarded By What Is Useful

The love of God is not what man allude it to be. We can read how Jesus dealt with the Scribes and the Pharisees in His days. Indeed it was His love shown to them that He threw the traders out of the temple.

‘’Misplaced indulgence would mean fostering faults and let the sinners slide downwards further.’’

His love is enabling what benefits man. Like we handle our children, punish them if you must, if they cannot understand. That will be serving them, but justice must prevail, for love cannot be separated from justice. They are one.

God’s wants people who not only confess, but also are willing to change from the sinful ways and continue in the right path.

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