The conception of all-wisdom of God is narrowingly compressed by humans.

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash
  • We always imagine the All-Wisdom of God to be different from what it is!
  • We believe God in His Wisdom should know everything, a bit of good thinking but too childish in thought.
  • This is because humans cannot fathom the concept of the true Greatness of God. The activity of God is greater and more comprehensive.
  • The All-Wisdom of God lies in His Holy Will that spans everything, preserves everything, furthers everything from out of the Living Law that brings to each individual that which he/she deserves, that is what he has woven for himself/herself.

‘’True wisdom begins and ends with God.’’

  • Not one, therefore, can thereby evade the consequences of his/her deeds, be it good or evil. The indicates the goodness of God in His Wisdom is All-Justice and All-Love.
  • With this, it is the humans that judge themselves by their actions, because of course, the reward is there for whatever you do.
  • There are always ‘call to actions’ in forms of worldwide happenings. Also, various teachers are sent to educate and show the way to the highest. Yet, few take notice of and fail to mature and learn any lesson.
  • Life is not something that is totally uncontrolled in terms of your influence on it. You regulate your life.
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay
  • Life, of course, is dramatically harsh as it plunges us into a situation without warning.
  • With the All-Wisdom of God, there can be no accident. There can be no injustice. There can be no pressuring beyond your endurance.
  • The radiation of LIGHT is such that will drive all evil to oblivion, as forever and ever, evil must retreat before Light.
  • The All-Wisdom of God is such that evil cannot continue to co-habit with Light like that forever. The circle must close. Evil must be annihilated.
  • We have everything to be grateful for. This is All-Wisdom of God.


An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email:

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