Please Bring Back Illumination

And of course, the Illumination Editor, Dr Mehmet Yildiz

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Dr Mehmet Yildiz — Illumination Publication Editor

I log in this morning for my usual activities on Medium, only to be reading sad stories about Medium suspending Dr Mehmet Yildiz and our dear Publication, ILLUMINATION.

I do not want to instruct, (nor I am in a capacity to do so), Medium Administration of what to do. I, however, want them to know that this gentleman has single-handedly encouraged us all towards creative writing and boosting our work here on Medium.

I had given the notice to terminate my paid membership in May when my current payment runs out. You would have noticed that I then changed my mind. I changed my mind because of Dr Mehmet Yildiz encouragement and tutelage.

His mentoring could have cost hundreds online, had he put it out on a fee, but he decided to do it all for free, with a labour of love. I am a beneficiary of this.

I love being tagged on a daily basis and look forward to his encouragement. We have all been Illumined here on Medium.

Please Medium Administration, let him know what he has done wrong, and we all look forward to welcoming him back with our dear publication, Illumination to the ever-growing fold of MEDIUM DOT COM.

Thank you Medium for tempering justice with mercy

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