Love-How Do You Define It?

(Love seeks to do only that which truly help others)

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What does love mean to you?

Love has really been misunderstood all over the ages, (by both young and old alike), simply because the idea of what love is, has seriously been distorted. Parents are unable to exercise good discipline, giving themselves excuses of ‘’love for the child’’. We have recently read in the news of the parents of the so-called ‘’Jihad Jack’’, who was prosecuted in the United Kingdom for sending money to their son who went to Syria to fight with the insurgency. They argued that their duty first and foremost as parents to Jack took over. That is their idea of love.

Love Is Severity

The greater part of love is being forthright, open and sincere in dealing with all concerned. This is ensuring understanding and allowing each to take responsibility for all actions and stay on the right path of good behaviour. If all today’s expression of love is analysed, all we will find is selfishness, vanity, weakness, indolence, conceit etc.

Genuine love takes no account of what gratifies the other, or what is agreeable to him, or affords him satisfaction, but only be guided by what is useful to him, without considering whether it affords him pleasure or not. That is real love and service.

Love Your Enemy

So what did The Son Of God, Jesus mean when he said ‘’LOVE YOUR ENEMY’ in Matt. 5:44? It simply means do that which is useful to him. Punish him, if he cannot be made to understand. That is serving him. But justice must prevail.

It is towards this misplaced love that Jesus and the love of God have been distorted to appear weak and yielding to a love that tolerates everything.

God’s Love to mankind remains eternally incomprehensible to us. Nevertheless, God has embed justice into creation showing us that His Love is closely linked with Justice.

Love Cannot Be Separated From Justice

Most of us do not understand the idea of justice when we want to show love to those who are dear to us. This is what I call misplaced indulgence, that is fostering the fault and allowing the person to slide further on the downward path. That really is the opposite of love.

‘’The greatest service we can do for another is to help him to help himself.’’ Ralph Wado Emerson

Although we do not want to control or force anyone who is unwilling to walk in the right path, that is where we need to look further into our value system, whether the relationship can go on or take a dip. This will be all for the better. There is no point in an adult who is not conscious of their personal responsibility.

Severity Does Not Equal Cruelty or Hate

In doing this, we must refuse in a love that compels to want to possess others, and not give them room to express themselves. They must understand the reason behind our action. We need to understand that all are striving towards perfection, and must, therefore, have compassion for the lowliest, especially when we consider ourselves advanced (spiritually).

‘’It is the ignorant man who seeks his own end at the expense of the greater whole. It is the ignorant man, therefore who is the selfish man. The truly wise man is never selfish.’’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here we must remember that Love is the foundation of creation. That, in the best, there are some bad, while in the worst, there are some good. We must seek out the good in all, and show sympathy and hope that they will see our point in helping them see better ways and a desire will arise in them to uplift.

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Live A Life Of Love

As individuals, we preach a powerful sermon by what we do than what we say. So how we live our lives is more convincing in helping others see the Light. This is even more relevant to us as parents. Children do see and mimic what we do. They do not pay close attention to what we say as such, but we are closely watched.

‘’By example, not by percept. By living, not by preaching. By living, not by professing. By living the life, not by dogmatizing as to how it should be lived.’’ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Living a life of love that is all-inclusive in both our love and friendship. Without much ado, genuine love is strict, open and consistent without any weakness or illogical compliance.

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