Is Our Environment Our Mirror-image?

Can man become the victim of an environment or of circumstances which he has chosen for himself according to his nature?

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There have always been debates about how man form his environment. Some believe that man brings everything with him from the cradle, while others think that the environment makes the man. Their argument is that what chance does a man has if his environment does not augur well or the condition of his environment is poor.

Law of Homogeneous Species

The law of homogeneous Species explains the social problems we have in our societies. It is commonly expressed by ‘’ Birds of the same feather flock together and Show me your friend, I will tell you who you are’’

This law guides the whole social life of all of us, whether it concerns a union for religious, professional, economic or political reasons. Always people who in some way are suited to each other will come together.

In modern days, however, we see divisions into Upper, Middle and Lower class in our society which gives rise to oppression, hate and crime. This is because we see those we normally call ‘’SOCIAL CLIMBERS’ who want to move to the upper echelon of the society, and of course by all means in which horrific crimes and murder are always involved.

‘’Life is partly what we make of it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose’’ Tennessee Williams

It, therefore, follows that mutual attraction allows individuals to develop and enjoy what he values most. This can either be good or bad. This attraction follows the free will of a person. It is not forced on him at all, he decides and he chooses what he wants depending on the values he cherishes.

Man Is Not Equal In The Spiritual Sense

All men are not equal in the fact that some have evolved spiritually more than the other. This because through the free will, some have attained a higher or a lower state of development. This spiritual development is attained through the cultivation of virtues that he chose to align with, in the many choices available to him.

What we are saying here is that everyone has equal opportunities, some make good use of theirs, some made bad use, while others bury theirs.

‘’Everyone has opportunities because when the sun shines, it shines for all.’’ Chinese Proverb.

What About Children?

The free will in children is dormant but replaced by what we called ‘’IMMITATIVE INSTINCT’’, which is present in all of us. This imitative instinct prepares for the life’s journey through training, upbringing, school and examples.

The spirit breaks with the attainment of adulthood usually seen with physical maturity. With this adulthood, the free will becomes active again with full responsibilities for further development. Before now, the preparation for this stage has only rested with the educators and parents.

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The young adult is now able to exercise his free will, along with his disposition towards what is good or bad according to his free will.

What Happens If A Child Environment Changes?

A child environment may change, like say as it happens in adoption. An example of a child born in poverty or say to a drug dealer parents, now taken over by Social Services, and adopted into a richer and more stable family structure.

The child upon attaining adulthood must choose to live a life better than that of his background in which he was born. He must be willing to exercise his free will for this good volition.

This, unfortunately, is not always the case, to the disappointment of his adoptive parents and educators. Often the child treads the path of his birth parents, his homogeneity at birth, the trace of which is still in him, and to which he chooses to live.

The Environment Does Not Form Or Mould The Man

….But man forms his environment, in that his nature attracts other homogeneous kinds or is attracted by these. Thus he creates for himself that environment in which he lives, with whom he associates, or keep company. Hence the saying, a man is known by the company he keeps.

The environment can further and support the already homogeneity of man by providing the necessary condition for his continuing development, whether he wants to free himself from his faults and weaknesses or sink further in them.

This is the situation our present world is in now, where the earth is enveloped by darkness because of the propensity of the majority towards what is evil.

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