How To Be Happy In A Vulnerable Situation

I made a choice to be happy when one storm after another left me helpless

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I am here today, happy, calm, contented and stable. It could have been a different story, had I not put down my feet and decided a few years ago to take control of my happiness and my life. I decided to be immune to the challenges that nearly took my life. Those challenges including going through a divorce, and dealing with a rebellious daughter nearly gave me high blood pressure.

Happiness Is An Individual Choice — My Choice

I have read about choices in the past, in various forms and context. I am an avid reader but applying those choices first hand under the most exhausting situation is something I never thought I would be able to do. But, thankfully I had the strength to do it.

Yes, we all have a choice whether ‘’to mow the lawn or allow the weed to grow’’. That lawn could be anything in our life. Anything that threatens our long term future happiness and well-being.

I decided then to mow the lawn of my heart. Although I had very little understanding of the enormity of the problems on hand. I was barely able to control my thoughts. Every issue seemed unsolvable, and I was highly defenceless.

Take Control — Yes You Can

How did I finally decide I wanted to be happy irrespective of the situation on hand? I decided to be positive about the outcome, hence the future. I am a truly spiritual person. I went within and tap on the source of knowledge inside every one of us. I listened to my intuition which I had not tuned in for a while, thinking I know it all. I asked to be shown the way forward. I asked for GRACE, that passes all understanding. As always, HIS GRACE is available.

Positive Attitude Makes All The Difference

I know there must be a reason for what I was going through, as nothing happens by chance. I decided TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE, even though I had no understanding of why it should happen to me. I took up the positivity and looking out for the important lesson to learn in the scenario thrown at me.

I know until the lesson is learnt, I might not be able to genuinely move forward. I, sincerely like the penitent thief asked to be shown MERCY, and the lesson I needed to learn. I did NOT ask for the next step. I just wanted to be sure of the moment.

I learnt a great lesson. Positivity can dramatically shift your situation on hand. How one view life matters a great deal. Is your cup half-full or half-empty? I made a choice that my cup was half-full. I want to be happy, and the Universe supported it while I worked at it. My vulnerability disappeared. I was able to think straight. I laid aside the blame game.

I was not blaming anyone but myself. The blame that things went wrong was mine, the game was mine and the ball was in my court to play it as I liked. For that realisation, I was thankful.

Work On Your Happiness — It Is Precious

One’s happiness is as important as other aspects of one’s well-being. That is the mistake most of us make. We leave it to others to determine for us, perhaps until it is too late. Take control of your well-being, which of course includes your happiness.

Do all you can to seek joy, connect with positive people. Know that happiness is a choice you have to make in life. Seek peace always and pursue it. Your happiness matters.

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email:

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