Have Faith In Life — As I Do

Life is very dependable and just, that it is never possible for any good thought or volition to remain without help

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On my WhatsApp profile, I have the sentence, ‘’Have faith in life, as I do.’’ I have quite a number of people poking fun at me about what having faith in life mean. I am not surprised that people have a different idea to that because the human being is unique and hold varied value about life. But during the latest discussion with a friend, it dawns on me that this is a good topic for me to expatiate upon.

Having faith in life means believing that Life is a friend, and look positively at what it throws at me. This is my journey after all, and it is unique to me. I mean what lessons are to be learnt. This is because of my belief in the goodness of the creator in wanting nothing but good for us all.

With this strong belief, I always welcome whatever changes need to be made in my life and praying for GRACE to be willing to do it. I am aware that making changes can be difficult because most of us are set in our ways, and believe it is holding on that makes us strong, not knowing that in all things in life, we need to strike that balance of letting go and holding on.

‘’Some of us think it is holding on that makes us strong, sometimes it is letting go.’’ Hermann Hesse

In Life Every Development Requires Change

Every development requires a sort of renunciation, but resisting that change will only bring negative results. You have to believe that life will not make any demand on you than what you can bear. Rather life will provide you with opportunities to express yourself in using your talents. Yes, only provide you with opportunities but not force them on you. You still have a choice in using whatever Life provides, either you bury your talents or multiply them. The choice is yours.

Having a positive attitude and mindset about life increases the chances of having a successful life, and minimise unnecessary suffering while resisting stagnation.

‘’One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they want to give up instead of what they have to gain.’’ Rick Godwin

Life Is Not Accidental

In that one cannot influence it or have control over the outcome. You can have a lasting legacy of pure joy, and fulfilment if you remember that you are here on a journey of experiencing and learning. You are not to get caught up anywhere, but looking ever forward to strengthen your spirit. Because although we are in the world, we must free ourselves from the shackle of the world.

One of such freedom from the shackle is to journey through creation consciously. This only means one must not harm others to satisfy one’s personal desires. Personal desires include among others, the desire not to undermine the reputation of your fellow man, giving way to your own weaknesses.

We live in order to experience and gain valuable lessons, so we have to be vigilant by learning from both success and failures. Both are meant to provide us with rich fulfilment if we are ready for the lesson life provides.

Life Lessons Transcends

Life also provides us with lessons that align with our inner self so that it transcends the limitation of the worldly conditions, not necessarily by removing the problems we face but by giving us the strength to deal with it.

We, therefore, look at life as a positive journey, with a positive objective and purpose. It is supplying us with all we need to enlarge and expand our spiritual identity, such that we are more spiritual than physical. It is the physical man that is easily overwhelmed and defeated.

Welcome Life Opportunities

Life opportunities are the steps by which our spirit is allowed to grow. In such growth, we increase the power of God within us. When this power manifests in our lives, we become a direction through which God’s Love and Light shine more effectively.

Life Rewards Good Volition

Good volition is always attended to, and those who strive towards what is honourable and noble are striving in the right way. There is no God who torments men, but rather a kind and merciful God who rewards men according to their deed. He lays upon no one more than he has incurred for himself. His justice is perfect and is embedded in Creation.

When this manifest in the life of man, his life is then full of gratitude, because this realisation makes him glad and happy. He will give thanks in the right way by making the gratitude to become the deed.

He who gives thanks has no time to complain.

He will help others just as he is helped.

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email: lanu_bennett@hotmail.com

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