Everything Depends On Him Alone

Little By Little, You Recognise How Paltry The Intellectuals Are

Photo by Daniel Roe on Unsplash

The thing in itself is always the same

It is the way each sees it that varies

Colour is colour, he radiates the colour

Tone is tone, it vitalises the tone

Form is form, he animates the form

But each sees it differently

Nature & Spring are always been like this

But he has changed

So he experiences it differently

Creation remains the same

Paradise on earth remains the same

But the man must change

To experience it inwardly.

Your impediment is your intellect

Understanding will not come to you in words

Thus you find nothing but justice in every happening!

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email: lanu_bennett@hotmail.com

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