Curbing Excessive And Unreasonale Desire Is An Important Aspect Of Self-Control

If you are able to control the world, you must first be able to exercise control over yourself

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The dictionary defines desire as ‘A Strong Feeling Of Wanting Something’. We all know how the mind works when we desire something that much. It is a well-known concept in Esoteric Science that what we give our thoughts and mind to manifest sooner or later in our lives. The connection between mind and matter is a living, dynamic connection.

‘’Desire is a manifestation of power.’’Wallace Wattles

This is because, what we desire, we tend to possess ‘in our imagination’, and most of us go over-board to ensure that their desire is fulfilled. This involves bending our desires to our will, which in a way is the spirit of opposition.

Earthly Desire Curbs Spiritual Development

Most suffering in life is self-inflicted by an excessive and unreasonable desire for temporal things, and this narrow-mindedly closes itself to higher recognitions. So the spirit in man that wants to open itself to the higher power for nourishment is stunted. This means there’s neither spiritual connection nor development.

‘’To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle.’’ Dalai Lama

How does an average person exercise self-control, an important virtue given to man to regain his connection to the higher power? A self-control person guides his thoughts and ensures it is under the control of the spirit, that is, in its natural bounds. This is because uncontrolled, they become a source of the worst kind of passion, he becomes a plaything of his feeling which makes him vulnerable and does not allow him to shrink from evil deeds.

Self-Control Is The Key To All Development

It is possible to achieve freedom from all unreasonable and excessive desire by exercising self-control. This is in line with all spiritual development of letting go, having a consideration for others, which is an act of love. I am not preaching a life of poverty here, indeed spiritual life is that of abundance, abundance for every need.

‘’The root of all morality is self-control.’’ J.G. Fichte

Treating others as we like to be treated means the only way to fulfil our desires is by letting go of greed, of irresponsible living, not fostering a propensity for what is bad but living a life of contentment.

‘’Because the awakened one put himself behind, he steps ahead. Because he gives away, he gains. Because he is selfless, he fulfils himself. The still is the lord of the restless.’’ Lao Tzu

To become a human being, who through the maturity of his spirit, knows how to control himself in an exemplary way in all situation is a high goal. This high and noble goal is worth working towards.

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