Celery Is Negative Calorie Food -But Of What Benefit Is That?

Celery is rich in vitamins and antioxidants with the low glycemic index

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Celery is in the same group as carrot and parsley. Both the stalk and leaves are edible, and either be eaten raw or cooked. Celery is mainly water, (ninety-five per cent) and fibre, so one does not gain any calorie in eating it.

Celery is one of the negative calorie food, along with some non-starchy fruits and vegetables. The explanation is that you use more energy to digest them than the calorie in these negative calorie food.

Nutritional Content of Celery

As stated above, celery is mainly water, it does contain about 1.45gm of carbohydrates (most are natural sugars). Celery is also rich in vitamin K and folates. These are vital for preventing blood clots, as well as red blood cells development.

Celery does contain calcium and potassium as trace elements. These two vitamins and minerals are essential for the maintenance of a healthy heart.

Published Papers On The Health Benefits Of Celery

Gastric Ulcer — The phytonutrients content in celery helps to protect the intestinal walls, thereby preventing gastric ulcer formation in laboratory rats.

Protection against chemotherapy drug — Rats undergoing chemotherapy with the drug ‘’DOXORUBICIN’’ were protected from the effect of this drug.

Influences mood and cognitive function — in healthy rats. It was discovered that healthy rats that were given celery extracts improved mood and cognitive function.

The Truth About Anthony Williams Medical Medium Celery Juice

Medical Medium, Anthony Williams claimed to have a psyche ability to know remedies in healing.

Anthony Williams is not a trained nutritionist but claimed to have received his healing remedies psychically.

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He then began to promote celery juice as powerful healing remedies for various ranges of illness. The benefits according to his claim include bloating, better mental clarity, weight loss, clearer skin etc. Other more acute illnesses are blood pressure, auto-immune functions, acid-reflux, adrenal issues etc.

He advocates drinking this on empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and waiting for at least thirty minutes before eating any other food.

Anthony Williams Remedies that can cause the problem for practitioners is that juicing removes fibres, which is good for digestive health, is removed during juicing.

None of Anthony Williams claim has been scientifically proven, but we have few of his clients who have claimed to have some positive benefits.

Celery is high in oxalates which can bind the calcium (in removing excess calcium from the body), and thereby create a problem to those with kidney malfunction.

As with anything else, it is important to ensure any therapy you want to follow is beneficial to you. First, discuss with your medical practitioner before embarking on any special form of a meal plan. Also, pay attention to any changes after starting.

Make sure it goes well with your body, otherwise stop immediately. Each body is unique, and ‘’there is no one size fits all’’ when it comes to your health.

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