Beware of taking pictures, mister. This poem reminds me of the story of The Starving Child & the Vulture.

Kevin Carter waited to take a picture of a starving child, who was trying to walk to a food bank, but her strength failed her. And a vulture was waiting nearby for the child to die to devour the child.

He was happy with his photo and ready to sell to the highest bidder, until one day in a TV interview, a caller, phoned in, and accused Kevin Carter, as been the other vulture in the scene. The caller accused Kevin of failing to help the child to the food bank, as he could have carried her to the food bank.

But rather his greed about selling the picture, later on, was the deciding factor why he refused to help.

Kevin Carter later committed suicide as his conscience was injured by the accusation.

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email:

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