A Time And A Season For Everything Under The Sun

How seasonal eating of nature’s bounty impact on health and nutrition.

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It was the great sage, Solomon who once said that ‘’there’s a time and a season for everything under the sun, a time to plant, and a time to harvest.’’ Eccl 3:11

Solomon, as one of the top learned man of his days, was able to recognise and respect the importance of following cycle of nature. And so, throughout the ages, ancient wisdom has utilized seasonal eating for balanced health and nutrition.

What Does It Really Mean To Eat In Season?

Just to eat the fruits and vegetables when they are freshly harvested and are in plentiful. This might be difficult because of the modern-day lifestyles that fruits and vegetables are preserved and transported widely around the globe. Some of us don’t even know that these fruits and vegetables have their season, like tomatoes and corn that grow mainly in abundance in summer.

How Do We Know The Season?

This is by simple observation of what is easily and readily available in shops. At a particular time, we might notice that strawberries are sold for 1kg for £2, and at other times 5kg for the same £2. We know that strawberries are in season because it is in abundance. Of course, we need to take into consideration natural disasters like draught etc that also affects production.

Another way is by what the local farmers’ market offers, is a good way to eat seasonally. Farmers tend to know what is in each season and do take advantage of that for planting.

Four Reasons To Eat Seasonally

A shorter life span between harvesting and eating ensures you get the most nutrients in foods, even taste is not compromised.

We all know what carbon emission is doing for the environment. If all of us endeavour to eat seasonally, there will be less interest in the transportation of foods across the globe. Moreover, we will be able to buy cheaper as the extra cost of transportation and the preservation of food is usually passed to us, the consumers.

Eating fruits and vegetables in season helps us to vary our foods, and thereby we get the most nutrition out of all fruits and vegetables that nature has provided all the year-round. It is nature’s intention to provide for every need in health.

We will be supporting the local farmers, especially the local organic ones. This is because eating organic foods go hand in hand with eating seasonally. Choosing organic foods is the wisest thing to do in these days of GMO foods. There is a clear difference between organic and non-GMO. Here is the difference:

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A Necessary Balance Between What The Body Needs And What Nature Provides

When we look at the cycle in nature, it provides natural diversity in ensuring that humankind gets balanced nutrition. The cycle provides that only some fruits and vegetables are available in a particular season, culminating that in Ayurveda Medicine, this protocol is followed for optimum health.

We all know how the seasons in nature affects us, in mood, digestion and various other issues relating to our metabolism. We know that the rate of digestion is slower in winter months, and nature has balanced this out by providing essentials fruits and vegetables we need to address this. For example, the spring vegetables like the bitters and dandelion are fresh and easily available to support the liver with its function of cleansing the blood.

Moreover, the research on vitamin C content of spinach harvested in summer is much higher than those harvested in winter, (i. e grown in greenhouses).

Not respecting the natural balance is the result of most chronic diseases as well as allergies. Seasonal foods connect us with nature.

Finally, note that you live in order to experience. Therefore be vigilant at all times. Learn from your failures, learn from the good fortunes as well. Both have their respective lessons.

Look closely around you, you are not to disregard it. You must get to know it, for you bear bodies that are derived from it.

An avid reader. A lover of Nature as Nature is the language of God. Trust your intuition. It is always right. Email: lanu_bennett@hotmail.com

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